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09 February 2016

Flowtop and Flowpatch are two of our most popular repair products due to their durability, ease of use, and incredible strength.

For quick concrete repairs use our self-levelling Flowpatch to fill those holes, and to effectively resurface your floors you can’t beat Flowtop. Find out more about why you should be using these products below.
Flowpatch is a self-levelling, pourable patch repair material for concrete   

  • Ideal for quick concrete repairs inside and out
  • Easy to mix and apply - just add water, mix, and pour!
  • Sets at low temperatures (5°C) and can be applied to damp (but not wet) concrete
  • Hardens quickly to be extremely strong, and can withstand heavy traffic (even forklifts) after just 2 hours at temperatures of 15° - 20°C
  • Fibre reinforced, slip resistant finish, in light grey
  • Available as a Deep Fill version, suitable for any depth between 10-200mm
  • Perfect to use to repair your floors & fill holes before screeding with Watco Flowtop
Flowtop is a pourable resurfacing concrete repair product that produces a smooth, self-levelling surface

  • 33% greater compressive strength, and 90% greater tensile strength than most concrete surfaces
  • The micro-structure is reinforced with polyamide fibres to improve resistance to shocks
  • Easy to apply - simply mix, pour, and spread!
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use to resurface large areas of worn concrete
  • It provides a smooth & easily cleanable surface in warehouses, workshops, showrooms, and production areas
  • Available in 5 colours to provide an attractive finish, Grey, Tile Red, Buff, Green, and Blue

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