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Is a Clean Toilet Enough for Users to Overcome their Fear of Public Hygiene?

11 February 2016

When you’re in desperate need for the toilet, your first thought is ‘where can I go?’ however poor public hygiene is making that simple initial instinct a lot more complicated.

What are the main factors causing people to not use the toilets on offer, going through the pain of holding it in until a better alternative comes up?

With awareness and expectations of public hygiene at its highest, people are more aware of the germs existing in a toilet, with research highlighting that 1 in 5 people don’t wash their hands, showing the amount of potential germs present in public washroom, taking extra steps to reduce of touching, door handles etc.

But the presence of germs is not the main factor putting people off! Research from a hand dryer manufacturer, highlighted that 44% of Brits refuse to enter a public toilet, simply if the toilet does not smell fresh, with 67% of people associating a bad smelling washroom with it being dirty.

These negative impressions can have a negative impact on your businesses image. With Facilities management journal reporting that 87% of people feel that unclean washrooms, gives a damaging impact on the overall impression of the establishment.

To increase your customer/employee satisfaction, through maintaining a clean and fresh atmosphere in your washrooms. We recommend, cleaning toilets at regular periods across the day and always look to purchase air fresheners with a high perfume content, to ensure each spray lasts longer!

Take a look at our range of Air fresheners, all with high perfume con tent to make one spray go a long way.

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