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Medusas' magic

22 January 2009

i-salon helps the Scottish salon group save time and money

Impact of i-salon

Colin McAndrew, MD and Creative Director of award-winning Scottish salon group Medusa, made the move from old-fashioned appointment books to i-salon’s innovative software more than five years ago – and hasn’t looked back since.

“When we first installed i-salon, one of our biggest aims was to help our team of hairdressers maximise their time,” says Colin. “From the outset, i-salon helped us easily work out the utilisation of time for every member of the team, generating detailed reports at the click of a button.

“It’s had a huge impact on the way we run the business,” he adds. “The reports we can create through the system set out who’s got those allimportant regular clients, who has achieved brilliant results and is due for a promotion, and who might need some extra support. All these vital measurable factors are literally at our fingertips.

From management to marketing

But it’s not just the staff summaries that help Colin keep the Medusa business thriving. Thanks to its unique appointment management solutions, i-salon allows users to keep track of what’s going on in the salon on a day-to-day basis, offering at-a-glance reports for simple daily, weekly, monthly or annual comparisons.

And this valuable data isn’t just good for balance sheets and business records. By creating easily-updated client files, listing everything from essential contact details to birthdays, colours used and even how they like their lattes, i-salon has helped with Medusa’s marketing too.

“We use i-salon’s text message marketing feature to remind clients of their appointments, or get back in touch with lapsed customers,” Colin explains. “It’s cut down dramatically on lost appointments and clients tell us they love getting a reminder from us – it helps them stay organised. It’s great for us too of course, as sending out automatically-generated texts cuts down on paper and postage costs, and saves a lot of time.”

Business planning

Saving time without compromising on quality is a priority for any busy businessperson, and Colin believes i-salons' intuitive systems have helped him win back essential hours that are best spent with Medusa’s many clients. “Our i-salon systems make a massive difference to time spent on administration,” he says. “I can use the computer to generate a variety of reports in minutes, on everything from detailed breakdowns on an individual’s retail percentage to the entire salon’s annual colour income.”

Business Benefits

With so many elements to i-salon, Colin admits he still hasn’t got to grips with everything the software has to offer. But he has got a favourite facility – the income projection tool.

”Income projection reports are fantastic, working out accurate estimates of the revenue expected in the salon over a period of time,” he says. “They help us work out whether we should run a promotion to fill any free appointment slots if the salon’s looking less busy than normal. And when we’re ready to kick off a marketing campaign, it’s all so simple to do through i-salon again.”

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