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Award winning timeless truth masks at Professional Beauty London

19 February 2016

The award winning Timeless Truth Facial sheet masks are being exhibited at Professional Beauty London.

Recently feature in Vogue, Timeless Truth is an innovative range of facial sheet masks. Soaked in serum and pre-packed, the masks are ready to use for a variety of treatments. Application is easy and less time consuming than the traditional forms of mud, cream or gel masks, making these ingenious masks the ideal complement to salon treatments but also perfect for home use too.

The Timeless Truth stand is showcasing the full range of Fusion and Luxury Masks.  Visitors to stand N26 can also benefit from amazing discounts including a pack of 5 Fusion Masks for just £10 and pack of 5 Luxury Masks for £15, as well as no VAT on all purchases at the show. 

Unlike traditional sheet masks the patented Fusion Masks already have beneficial functions on their own before they are soaked in serum. Ingredients in freeze dried powder form already impregnate the cloth.  This is shown as a uniform coloured check formation. The mask combines powder and serum creating the ultimate efficient treatment.

The Luxury Range features exceptional quality using cutting-edge base materials such as elastic cotton, bio-cellulose and hydra fibre. This allows the masks to fit perfectly to the face and neck, have tightening, firming and hydrating actions.  The fibre structure enables the mask to create a bond with the skin for maximum efficiency. The ultimate in anti-ageing luxury!

Visitors to stand N26 can also enter a prize draw to win a box of the award winning Bee Venom Face Masks. Part of the Luxury Range of masks, the Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask combines Bee Venom, the natural alternative to Botox, with Royal Jelly, ‘the elixir of youth’.  These active ingredients stimulate the production of collagen to help smooth, lift and tighten the skin. The Bee Venom also contains a compound called Melittin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

This bio-cellulose mask is the ultimate in state of the art anti-ageing skincare. Bio-Cellulose is a nanoscopic fibre that is highly compatible with the human body and can deeply penetrate through the outer layers of the skin whilst allowing the skin to breathe. Fitting the skin ‘like a glove’, the occlusion allows even coverage of the serum’s highly active ingredients.

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Professional Beauty London takes places at Excel in London from 28th until 29th February 2016.

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