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Testemp Limited new range of quick release Bayonet locking temperature sensors and adaptors

25 February 2016

Testemp now manufacture an extended range of quick release Bayonet locking temperature sensors.

These are available in mineral insulated diameters of between 1mm and 8mm or fabricated diameters of 2.4mm to 12mm.

Fast response can be achieved with 3/16” (4.76mm), 6mm or 8mm diameter brass tips.

If your instrumentation requires it or you have a problem with electrical noise, insulated junctions can be manufactured.

Most Bayonet locking sensors are manufactured as type J or K thermocouple or PT100 resistance in both simplex (one sensor) or duplex (two sensors). Other types are available on request.

Extension cables are generally high temperature fibreglass with a protection stainless steel overbraid rated to 350/400°C, however for extra protection or robustness an additional stainless steel armour can be fitted over the extension lead. Other cable combinations are available on request.

Termination is generally stripped tails for hard wiring to instrumentation but where required we can terminate with a plug/socket arrangement with special plastics industry connectors also available from stock.

The quick release bayonet locking cap is fitted on a spring of normally 180-200mm length and is available in a range of sizes to suit the mating adaptors. Standard sizes are 11.5mm and 12.5mm but also available in 10mm and 12mm to 17mm (in 1mm increments). This is normally dependent upon the style of machine (Continental, Italian, San, etc).

Testemp also stocks the mating adaptors  to suit these sensors both in metric threads (M8, M10, M12, M14) or imperial (1/8”BSP, ¼”BSP, 3/8”BSP) and of varying lengths. Other sizes are also available.

Please call our technical sales department on 01903 714140 or email at for a detailed quotation.

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