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The hand dryer that ticks all of the boxes!

29 February 2016

Fast Hand Drying, Low Energy, Low Noise, Hygienic & Led Lights

Blow Motions newest high speed hand dryer has made a great first impression and has seen a huge upsurge in repeat business. The ‘Twister’ seems to tick all boxes when it comes to what you want from your next hand dryer.

Fast Drying

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be hanging around the wash room any longer than you need to. I’m sure that you have been unfortunate enough to come across hand dryers that are so slow that your only ‘lets get out of here fast’ option was to dry your hands on your clothing rather than wait for what seems like an eternity!

The Twister will take your hands from wet to dry in a very impressive 10 seconds leaving most of its rivals behind.

Low Energy

It’s fair to say that most ‘fast hand dryers’ are also energy guzzlers. If you are looking to save money in your place of work then you need to look at the amount of energy that your hand dryer is consuming. A lot of high speed hand dryers tend to fall into the 2000 watt category. The Twister will operate at just 600 watt making it almost 70% more economical than most high speed hand dryers without any compromise on performance. The Twister will deliver around 100 dries for 2 pence!

Low Noise

Blade hand dryers have a stigma attached to them. Some people say they sound like small aircrafts taking off! With this in mind we wanted to bring you a high speed dryer that’s easy on the ear and with an optional extra as a bonus. The Twister is only 75db at full speed making it one of the quietest hand dryers in its class. That being said. If you want to decrease the volume even more, there is switch that will soften the airflow as well as taking an extra couple of db’s off the volume!


Something of up most importance! The Twister has a built in (no maintenance) HEPA filter that will eliminate bacteria.

LED Lights

This makes no difference to the drying time but it certainly looks good! Fitted with a blue down light the Twister will light up your hands whilst in operation. The light on the front also changes colour from red to green when in operation.

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