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Contact aids flood defence efforts for environment agency

01 March 2016

The UK’s leading manufacturer of forklift truck attachments is celebrating after it was called upon by staff at the Environment Agency to help in its protection against flooding.

With recent flooding causing devastating damage in northern England, the Environment Agency in Somerset has taken a proactive approach to mitigating risks and ensuring optimum safety by purchasing Contact Attachments’ Forklift Bag Handler, which will enable it to handle large sandbags with more ease.

Brian Phipps, Specialist Team Member at the Environment Agency, explained: “Contact Attachments’ Forklift Bag Handler is perfect for our needs and has made the process a whole lot quicker and safer.  Before we bought the attachment, we put sandbags over the forks which always presented a finger-trapping hazard, as well as the risk of them slipping off, especially in challenging weather conditions. The whole operation has become pain-free and was exactly the solution we were looking for. We’re very pleased with the results and would definitely work with Contact Attachments again in the future.”

According to Environment Agency, the Big Bag Handler reduces the need for users to get too close to the machinery, enhancing their own safety and that of people around them. With claws at each corner of the attachment for easy loading, lifting and unloading of the sandbags, as well as large fork pockets allowing quick fitment and changeover of attachments, downtime and labour requirements is significantly reduced. 

Dave Manuel, Sales and Technical Director at Contact Attachments, said: “Our forklift bag handlers are the ideal choice for when safer, quicker, and less labour-intensive handling and transporting of products is a must. They come with a Certificate of Conformity to meet the latest health and safety regulations, and have various features to ensure optimum user safety, including chains which fasten the attachment to the forklift for added security.”

For further information on the range and service available, contact the sales team on 01686 238019, email or visit

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