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CND’S NEW Creative Play™ Nail Lacquer

10 March 2016

Play, pop and push outside the boundaries - It's time to play

Vibrant uninhibited nail colour that provokes you to be unique and self-expressive with shades that are bright, multi-textured and fun – Why conform?  It’s time to Play!

CND™ reveals their newest addition to the CND family and the next generation of colour with CREATIVE PLAY™ Nail Lacquer.  With a palette 80 colours across 10 different finishes, CREATIVE PLAY™ Nail Lacquer plays with dimension, pops with pigment and pushes artistry outside the boundaries.

“At CND, we are always looking for opportunities to elevate the standard in professional nail colour,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “CREATIVE PLAY™ Nail Lacquer breaks the rules through emotive, energized shades that allow you to express your individuality.”

Formulated with micronized pigments, this short-wear three-step system delivers smooth, uniform application with high-gloss and richly saturated colour.  Developed for consumers who desire frequent colour change, and to simultaneously serve the needs of the professional nail community, CREATIVE PLAY™ Nail Lacquer offers flawless results with minimal effort for the ultimate colour story every time.

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