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New product range from Wirmec.

17 March 2016

CST Automation Limited are the exclusive UK agents for Wirmec in Italy.

With a vast amount of crimping knowledge, Wirmec are going from strength to strength with products ranging from applicators to fully automatic systems.
The New WSC series of strip and crimp machines have been designed to withstand the riggers of high production at very competitive prices.
The Wirmec WSC15, is an electro-pneumatic stripper crimper that performs operations of stripping and crimping terminals on electrical cables. The machine does not require any additional kit to perform special processing of short cables.

The WSC 15 can fit many different types of applicators without the need to change anything.  The grippers and the cutting blades close in the symmetrical movement keeping the wire in line with the applicator.
Wirmec WSC20 is a fully programmable stripper crimper that uses stepper motors to give repeatable and precise positioning of the stripping and crimping procedure allowing the operator to store and recall programs to allow a fast setup time.
Wirmec WSC25 is specially designed for closed barrel applications. The machine has the ability to step the wire forward into the terminal, perfect for insulated connectors on reel.
Finally the new WSC30 strip, crimp and seal machine. Compact and versatile with quick changeover times between applications

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