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Helping to Prevent False Fire Alarms for Over 35 Years

21 March 2016

Every false fire alarm is costly, disruptive and detrimental to safety.

Each year businesses and public services in the UK have nearly a quarter of a million false alarms costing them and Fire & Rescue Services approximately £1 billion [source: Fire Industry Association, 2013].

Every false fire alarm causes major disruption to customer service, productivity or the general routine of any organisation. Beyond disruption, false fire alarms have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a fire evacuation strategy and may put the lives of staff, students and visitors at risk. Quick and appropriate reactions to a fire alarm may prevent a real fire from causing significant damage and disruption.

Clear, tough polycarbonate covers easily retrofit over existing call points, providing protection within minutes, where accidental activation is of concern. If malicious activation is likely to be a problem, covers with an optional, localised, alarm can be installed over a call point. Accidental false fire alarms (for example, a call point hit by a ball in a sports hall or heavy equipment within a warehouse, etc.) can easily be prevented by installing call point covers. Covers can also provide a level of weather protection from IP24 to IP56, ideal for use in extreme conditions, indoor or outdoor, such as wash down areas and saline atmospheres.

Safety Technology’s newest call point protector, the Euro Stopper® is now available with an embedded unique substance that glows in the dark. The Glow Guide pigment will release light for up to 8 hours in darkness or dimly lit areas, and charges up after only 30 minutes exposure to natural or artificial light.

The Glow Guide is not the only new feature to the Euro Stopper. The polycarbonate call point protector is now supplied in a kit form, allowing the user to assemble the product in the way which best suits their application, with the choice of red or green housing shell, language, mounting option, sounder and breakseal facility.

There is a variety of polycarbonate protective covers which will protect a wide range of devices.  The Universal Stopper® is larger and ideal for devices such as dual action pull stations, keypads for entry systems, intercom stations, emergency buttons, electrical light switches, duplex plugs, etc., without restricting legitimate operation.

The Weather Stopper II® and the Enviro Stopper® are unique devices ideal for extending the life and reliability of weather exposed devices, such as larger manual call points. They offer protection against harsh environments and conditions both outside and inside, as well as preventing tampering, vandalism and damage from accidental or malicious operation.

For additional information on STI Euro Stopper, the Multi Kit, or the entire range of protective polycarbonate covers, call +44 (0)1527 520 999, email or visit

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