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The latest high availability integrated power solutions from Socomec to be revealed at Data Centre World 2016.

22 March 2016

Data centre managers are challenged with constantly evolving demands on energy efficiency and availability – never before has it been so critical for those responsible for critical buildings and facilities to demonstrate flexibility when designing and updating their hard working electrical infrastructure.

The optimisation of critical power availability and protection of vital assets requires a careful balancing act between the changing power demands in a building with the provision of greener, cleaner power.  

Furthermore, rising energy costs and premiums on floor space mean that power density is at the forefront of every organisation’s concerns.

Socomec’s latest modular rack-mounted UPS development addresses short-term capacity issues whilst meeting longer term growth requirements – delivering reliable, safe, high quality power to the most demanding critical applications, that can be scaled rapidly to meet changing demands.

Furthermore, Socomec’s new load-break switching range with trip function has been designed with ease of installation, low cost of maintenance and the need to optimise the use of valuable floorspace in mind.

Rack-mounted modular UPS - for easy, fully-assured and time-saving integration

Socomec’s Modulys GP is a 3-phase modular UPS system designed for 19” rack integration across multiple applications. Easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain, it provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design - leaving space for other rack-mounted devices.

Modulys RM GP has been specifically engineered with full flexibility and fewer parts in order to simplify and optimise every step of the integration process – from sizing to installation – de-risking the entire project.

As a completely modular system – designed with no single point of failure – Modulys RM GP delivers reliable power whilst ensuring optimum load protection, even during power upgrades or maintenance procedures.

Proven load-break switching technology – now with remote trip function

Socomec’s new multi-polar load break switch range with trip function – Inosys LBS – has been engineered – and tested - for the most demanding DC distribution applications and extreme operating environments, including firefighting safety switches and PV installations.

The patented technology delivers optimum switching performance, total reliability and guaranteed safety – combined with low maintenance costs – with a compact footprint.
Fully immune to any voltage perturbation, Inosys LBS withstand high temperature fluctuations and guarantee fast operation under any conditions.  Ideal for firefighting operations, Inosys LBS can completely disconnect any dangerous voltage in the electrical installation.  

When used in conjunction with Resys AFD - the new Socomec Arc-Fault & String Monitoring System - Inosys LBS switches deliver a complete AFCI solution in accordance with UL1699B.

Inosys LBS switches meet UL 98B, IEC 60947-3 / GB14048.3 and are supplied with CE marking.  

To learn how Socomec’s latest developments could benefit your new or existing infrastructure, visit the team at Data Centre World  Stand E65

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