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Testemp Limited new range of exposed junction / exposed tip temperature sensors.

31 March 2016

Testemp now manufacture an extended range of exposed tip temperature sensors.

These sensors are designed where fast response of a surface or immersion into a solid setting liquid needs to be monitored or controlled.

The basic construction for thermocouple types involves the exposure of the two dis-similar metal conductors and welding these together to form a thermocouple junction.

A resistance PT100, PT1000 or thermistor version can also be manufactured by supplying the bare element attached to an extension cable with corresponding temperature related insulation to keep the conductors from shorting out together.

In thermocouple construction the conductors are normally kept to a minimal size;  e.g. 1/0.2mm or 1/0.3mm but other sizes are available for robustness or where there is a need to keep the loop resistance down to a minimum. These include 1/0.5mm, 7/0.2mm or 13/0.2mm.
The conductors are normally PTFE / PFA insulated (250 C maximum) or fibreglass insulated (350 C maximum).

For long cable lengths we recommend the use of a plug and mating socket and a more robust extension cable.

Termination is generally stripped tails for hard wiring to instrumentation but where required we can terminate with a plug/socket arrangement with special plastics industry connectors also available from stock.

Please call our technical sales department on 01903 714140 or email at for a detailed quotation.

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