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Higher Throughput, Lower Cost Lab Autoclaves

21 April 2016

Launch of the Priorclave Q63 research sterilisers and general laboratory autoclaves currently available with cylindrical chamber capacities of 320 litre and 500 litre provides the lab manager with a truly viable alternative to larger, more costly rectangular chamber autoclaves, yet capable of delivering the same sterilising throughput.

Chamber size has a major influence on autoclave selection therefore Priorclave designed the Q63 front-loading autoclave with a taller profile than that found in most ‘cylindrical’ machines.  It gives these laboratory autoclaves an impressive load capacity ideally suited to sterilising larger bulky items as well as enabling small and taller items to be sterilised in a single process.  Users of Q63 autoclaves may also benefit from lower overall running costs associated with reduced power and water usage.

In comparing the costs of same capacity laboratory autoclaves, a steriliser with a cylindrical chamber will nearly always be that much lower in price than that of a rectangular design.  This is achieved by a simpler production process.

During the design the company has been mindful of operator safety, providing a low, comfortable loading height and interlocks that prevent door opening at elevated pressures and temperatures.
Whilst offering increased loading, the combination of features such as forced air cooling to reduce cycle times and automatic timed free-steaming for improved air removal add to the overall sterilising performance of the Q63 autoclave.

All operating settings are programmed easily through the advanced Tactrol® 2 microprocessor controller which is standard across the entire Priorclave range.  This can be configured to log all temperature, pressure time and cycle data into a single compact archive file.  The operational data can be forwarded from anywhere in the world direct to Priorclave’s UK Service Centre for technical assistance in fine-tuning and clarification of autoclave performance if required.

The build quality of the Q63 front loading autoclave range incorporates epoxy coated panels and frame members which are treated with an anti-bacterial agent highly effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA, preventing cross contamination within the laboratory.

Q63 autoclaves are part of an extensive steriliser range that includes benchtop, top and even more front loading machines as well as double-door and power door models.  Each and every model is manufactured in the UK and follows one of the most stringent designs and build programs, conforming to either PED or ASME standards depending on which country the autoclave will be installed.

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