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New 30 Divider for Dishwasher Racks

22 April 2016

We have big news at Caterbox. We are very excited to announce *pause X factor style* that we are introducing new 30 slot dividers for our dishwasher racks.

And guess what!? We are the only people in the country that supply such a large variety of inserts, so we are the place to go. When in catering it is crucial to make the most out of your dishwasher racks, they are designed to make your life easier. Therefore you do not want your glasses to be wobbling around when transporting or alternatively struggling to get the glasses out of the container, this of course is when breakages can occur. So by us having more than 8 different sized dividers for you to choose from you will no longer have this problem, as we will always have a divider that suits your glass. We maximise the racks capacity and minimise waste in storage and transportation.

So let me expand a bit more on why we are so happy to have 30 slot dividers at Caterbox now. Before, if your glass was a diameter of 75mm you would have to go with our 25 divider, which would have a gap of 15mm, with that 15mm the glasses will be shaking about when in transportation. Do I hear you say that doesn’t sound much of a problem, let’s look at it from another angle, if I put it that you can have 5 extra glasses in the same rack box now with our 30 divider with only a 3mm gap, meaning no wobbly glasses, 15mm sounds much more of a serious gap. Now you can see our excitement!

For all the statistic lovers out there, that is a 20% increase of glasses in the same size rack while also saving 20% of the price by having to buy fewer glass racks.

Space and time is precious to every company and we understand this. This is why we are shouting about our 30 divider for our dishwasher racks, we want everyone to know what we can offer and how we can help you and your company!

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