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Wedge group offers expertise to engineer professionals

28 April 2016

A joint event by Wedge Group Galvanizing and its customer Had Fad Ltd aimed at providing first-hand knowledge and guidance to industry professionals on the benefits of using hot dip galvanizing has proven to be a real success.

Newport Galvanizers, one of 14 Wedge sites across the UK, hosted the event in collaboration with Had Fab Ltd, which welcomed 15 Construction Interface Engineers from National Grid. Delegates were provided with the opportunity to learn about the galvanizing process from start to finish, including the preparation work required before treatment takes place, as well as an overview of its overall life cost and effectiveness in protecting steel against corrosion.

“We were thrilled to have hosted the team from National Grid,” explained Mike Small, Sales Manager at Newport Galvanizers. “Wedge’s Technical Director, Bob Duxbury, provided our visitors with an in-depth presentation about how widely galvanizing can be used, from the large structural frameworks of buildings, through to access equipment and staircases, and smaller nuts and bolts.
Although our guests already had an understanding of galvanizing, it was great to offer them some additional knowledge of how they themselves can support decisions with regards accepting galvanized structures on site, and on some of the challenges that we can face in terms of size and shapes.”

Following the presentations at the Newport Wetlands Centre, the galvanizing team moved the group to its own site on the outskirts of Newport, where it offered them a full tour of its facilities and galvanizing bath, as well as the hot dip galvanizing process in action.

Simon Harrison, Managing Director at Had-Fab, added: "Over 90% of the steel that we produce for our customers is galvanized. However, we believe that the process isn’t well understood by our customers in the power transmission and distribution sector, and so to raise awareness, we’ve been working with Wedge Group Galvanizing to organise open days for our customer, National Grid. This has resulted in dedicated events at Newport Galvanizers, Edward Howell Galvanizers, and Scottish Galvanizers, with another four scheduled to take place this year.

Thanks again to Wedge  for their time and hospitality, and for sharing such valuable guidance and support.”  Had-Fab in Edinburgh has been fabricating steelwork for various National Grid sites around the UK since 1993, when the company was established by Simon Harrison.

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