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Specialist repairs for INDeX Handsets

30 January 2009

RBM Voice & Data Consultancy born after thousands of miles travel in 2003 by its owner David Girling, having been in the telecommunication industry since 1991.

Although working primarily in sales and multi-site consultancy roles specialising in a number of specific systems, somehow, David always came back to the SDX/Lucent/Avaya INDeX system.

Eventually the joys of travelling 1000’s of miles every month began to diminish and David noticed that most repairers and 2nd user resellers ALL catered for a massive range of manufacturers. So he started reducing his travelling and concentrated on developing a specialist business as a “Quality reseller”  of ALL INDeX products and concentrated on “In-house repairs” of ONLY INDeX Telephone Handsets which he had learnt to repair a number of years previously.

Asked why he specialises in INDeX, David maintained that "It is probably one of the best systems ever to hit the market place and I believe that it will continue to be for thousands of businesses for many years to come, despite Avaya no longer supporting it. It would also stand to reason that INDeX customers would prefer to deal with a company that concentrated on THEIR system".

David has contacts for everything to do with INDeX and even offers low cost maintenance contracts via his extensive network of engineers.

His refurbished handsets all have a 90 day warranty and come to you beautifully shrink wrapped and even boxed if you wish. In addition, RBM also offers a fast turnaround, refurbishing service for INDeX handsets of any condition at one low cost price – irrespective of the model!

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