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Mieles' laundry machines feature patented honeycomb drum

03 February 2009

Mieles' patented honeycomb drum features in all new washer-extractors and tumble dryers following development phase research.

The honeycomb drum's most striking feature is its sculptured design. The arched hexagonal sections create a film of water on which laundry glides. During spinning, individual threads are no longer forced through the holes in the drum by centrifugal force. In the tumble dryer, tiny air pockets in the hexagonal sections between laundry and drum cushion laundry during tumbling action.

On Miele's washer-extractors, fabrics are protected because the number and the size of holes have been reduced. The smooth drum with a reduced number of perforations also ensures better wetting and drenching and therefore even better results. The water which on the previous model disappeared through the greater number of larger perforations through the impact of laundry falling onto the surface of the water is now unable to escape as quickly and is therefore forced into the fabrics. Scoop-and-ladle drum ribs, which take in water with each drum rotation and then shower it on the laundry, also contribute to better drenching of the load. Both Scoop-and-Ladle ribs and the honeycomb drum are made of high-grade chromium stainless steel.

Freely programmable Profitronic M controls

Miele’s programmable Profitronic M controls offer for the first time a common interface on both washer-extractors and tumble dryers. With the aid of the programme selector switch, the user can choose the most suitable programme and directly modify individual parameters. A machine told before the start of the cycle that the load size is only half the full capacity automatically optimises the washing process accordingly to conserve energy.  Thanks to these new controls Miele machines now feature programmes geared to specific types of fabrics and applications, such as duvets and bedding and the workwear worn by emergency services, etc.

A card reader is a standard feature on all washer-extractors; on tumble dryers it is an optional extra. With the aid of a chip card, new programmes compiled to meet a customer's specific requirements can be downloaded quickly and simply to the machine's controls. Programmes compiled by Miele are saved to smart cards and delivered to customers by post, where they can be added to the stock of programmes already available. Similarly, new programmes which may be developed in future can be distributed in the same way. Profitronic M controls have 199 slots for new programmes. Miele’s Profitronic M machines are available with load sizes of 10, 13, 16 & 20kg.

Proof of Delivery System

When a machine is used in a hygiene-critical situation Miele’s POD system provides failsafe delivery of liquid cleaning chemicals and disinfecting agents.  Standard supply pumps will deliver chemicals but do not disable the washing machine in the event that the supply is interrupted, whether due to an empty container or faulty pipe line.  This can represent a safety critical failure in healthcare applications where low temperature wash programmes are used and disinfection relies solely on an assured supply of liquid chemical. 

The Miele POD eliminates the guesswork and risk from chemical dosing to form part of a management control system which can be validated. Capable of being fitted to a wide range of machines, the POD system can even be retro-fitted to many older Miele models, and the system even allows a choice of pump heads to be fitted to suit different chemicals.

Miele’s legendary support package

Choosing a professional product can be a daunting task. Miele Professional Partners have all undergone an intensive training programme to ensure that they are able to offer the very best advice and recommendation.

When purchasing a commercial product, after sales service needs to be considered very carefully.   Commercial establishments simply cannot afford for machines to be out of operation for any length of time, so a prompt response and a high first-time fix rate is critical.  All Miele services are carried out by appointed Miele Partnership Dealers or our own service department.   The Partnership Dealers are trained in-house to Miele's standard of excellence and contribute towards the seamless after sales service support that Miele Professional offers.  The nationwide network of Miele Professional Partners are able to deliver a quick and effective service.

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