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X-Ray inspection of hidden joints

04 February 2009

Staying on the ball with new technology is essential in Contract Electronics Manufacturing and CT Production is doing just that.

The company has purchased an X-Tek Hawk X-Ray machine via Kaisertech, plus an Ersascope and Ersa IR550A Rework System via Blundell, to complement its Ball Grid Array production capability.

The Managing Director, Alan Trevarton says; “Quality control throughout the manufacturing process is of paramount importance and we have several customers and potential customers who want us to have this facility on site. Although we have produced products with BGAs and their smaller counterparts for some time with no problem, the use of external X-ray services to confirm quality was quite expensive and impacted on lead-time and flexibility. We can now offer X-Ray services in-house with full rework facilities to support them, either as a separate service or part of a manufacturing contract".

The Hawk machine provides a powerful 160kV image for oblique or flat viewing, with fully programmable software for automatic testing and results analysis. Alan continues; “The X-ray system complements our Automatic Optical Inspection and manual high magnification inspection capability. We offer fast-track prototyping and SMT from 0201 to 70mm BGA, conventional assembly and full turnkey box integration and we are seeing many newer technology designs where X-ray will help to ensure we maintain our reputation for high quality".

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