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Multiparameter Continuous Water Quality Monitors receive first MCERTS certificates

05 February 2009

YSI Hydrodata 6 series sondes gain world first certification following Environment Agency (EA) trials.

MCERTS is the EA's Monitoring Certification Scheme which is designed to assure the quality and reliability of environmental measurements. MCERTS is comprised of a number of different schemes, one of which applies to instruments that are employed in the continuous monitoring of water, which includes samplers, flow meters and online water quality monitors. YSI's certificates relate to the 6 series sondes for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity.

YSI's MCERTS certificates were presented by Catherine Wright, the EA's Head of Modern Regulation, during a Gala Dinner at WWEM 2008 in Telford, UK on 5th November.

Following presentation of the MCERTS certificates, YSI's Darren Hanson said, “As the first company to receive this certificate we have had to work very closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that the testing procedure is appropriate, robust and reliable. Our equipment performed extremely well in the trials and the report that resulted from them will provide a high level of confidence to prospective customers from all over the world".

WWEM 2008 is an event comprised of a Conference, Workshops and Exhibition, all of which focus on environmental monitoring. YSI participated in the Exhibition and ran a Workshop during the event.

In the field of river discharge and bathymetry YSI SonTek unveiled a new River Surveyor instrument employing the latest Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP) technology. The new device operates an incredible 9 beams and provides a host of new features which deliver superb accuracy across the range of riverine conditions from 15cm to 80m depth. For the measurement of water quality, YSI launched the new 'big 4' (temp, conductivity, pH and dissolved oxygen) model from the 'Professional' range of water quality meters. The Professional Plus can also measure one of ammonium, nitrate, chloride or redox.

Commenting on the Exhibition, YSI’s Ian Thompson said, “WWEM was a fantastic event for us; our stand was extremely busy on both days with many customers having to queue to see the equipment".

YSI's ‘HydroSAM’ aroused a great deal of interest at the Exhibition and also featured in a Workshop entitled, ‘Raw Water Intake Monitors – a Lower Cost Alternative.

The HydroSAM was developed to provide a more reliable, lower maintenance water quality monitoring system than the traditional ‘wall board’ systems that involve a complicated series of pipes and in-line sensors. The Workshop explained the advantages that have been realised for continuous monitoring at raw water intakes.

Summarising the company's reaction to the MCERTS award, executive vice president of YSI, Gayle Rominger, said, "Our customers rely on YSI instruments to perform accurate reliable environmental monitoring so we are naturally delighted to receive such authoritative third party recognition. The fact that we are the first company to receive an MCERTS certificate for a multiparameter instrument demonstrates our intention to remain a leader in this field".

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