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First Aid in the workplace - KAISER+KRAFT has it covered

19 July 2016

Online workplace equipment spcialist KAISER+KRAFT can help your organisation fulfill it's Health & Safety obligations with a full range of first aid equipment and supplies.

KAISER+KRAFT can help you be prepared for any emergency with their comprehensive range of first aid and related products. From eye baths and first aid cabinets to couches and stratchers, KAISER+KRAFT has everything you need to comply with the latest legislation.

With price reductions on certain products, there's never been a better time to bring your first aid supplies bang up to date.

DIN 13157 compliant First Aid Case - £13 off
First Aid Cupboard, also DIN 13157 compliant - £47 off
Emergency Wall Box with Eye Wash Bottles - £11 off
Hand Eye Shower with one Spray Head - £20 off
Stretcher - £34 off
First Aid Room Couch £69 off

Prices exclude VAT & Shipping while stocks last.

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