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Classeq helping pubs to have bags of fresh ice

11 February 2009

Manitowocs' Ice Bagger extends the use of the ice machines.

Pubs are always looking for ways to diversify and encourage a bit of extra business. If they already have an ice machine producing ice for drinks then they have a potential further sales opportunity. Offering take-away bags of freshly made ice to partygoers and party hosts or featuring a special package of 'Champagne and Ice' for celebrations could be a real revenue booster.
Classeq now supplies Manitowocs' Ice Bagger accessory that is ideal for venues with an off-sales facility or for those that want to offer customers an extra service. The ice bagger is a simple portable unit that is easy to use and easy to install – it slips over the frame of the bin door opening on most Manitowoc ice machines. Its multi-position bracket permits the bagger to be placed in a convenient position to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users.
The bagger is made to the same high standards as Manitowocs' range of ice machines and bins. Its durable stainless steel construction withstands frequent use and resists corrosion. A large chute handles high volumes of ice and minimises spillage. Once filled, the bags are easy to close and seal with a twist-tie, ready to be taken away. In this way, customers can be sure that they are getting top quality, clear, fresh ice that will not clump or taste stale.
It is a safe, easy and hygienic way for anyone to bag ice for sale. The K-00146 assembly includes the bagger, measuring 26 cm wide by 33 cm deep by 29 cm high, 250 twist ties and 250 ice bags each holding up to 3.6kg of ice.
Manitowoc ice machines are distributed in the UK by Classeq.  The comprehensive range includes the EC Series of spray-production machines, which make premium quality octagonal cubes; the S Series of modular machines with separate storage bins for high volume production; the Q Series of compact and under-counter machines with integral bins, and specialist products such as ice flaker machines.  Accessories include modular storage bins; ice dispensers; a range of dedicated water filters; and Manitowoc’s patented AuCS automatic cleaning system.

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