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S2’s Corporate Boot Camp

25 July 2016

June 2016 saw a team of eight business savvy Squares and S2 CND Brand Ambassador, Marian Newman come together to attend Sweet Squared’s first corporate Bootcamp. The three day intense course covered all aspects of the CND curriculum from theory and hands-on experience to brand heritage and personality.

The Bootcamp was run by Sweet Squared’s Lead Education Ambassador and Team CND International Ambassador, Fee Wallace, whose love and passion for the brand is as infections as it is empowering. Fee took the team through all of the CND systems allowing staff to gain hands on experience and try them out for themselves.  

Attendees came from a host of unique backgrounds, united by Sweet Squared and its penchant for Love & Respect. Staff included the new CFO/COO, James Mortimer and the Head of Marketing, Albena Cant as well as six other employees from the Marketing, Education and Sales departments who enjoyed learning the CND ropes from the ground up.

“My team and I left boot camp feeling enlightened and with a greater depth of understanding of the CND brand and its heritage. This in-depth knowledge will benefit the team in delivering informed and relevant marketing campaigns and showcasing the endless potential of CND”. – Albena Cant, Head of Marketing at Sweet Squared

“Taking some of our Leadership Team and key department S2 members through a ‘Bootcamp’ style experience is as exhilarating as it is informative and is designed to help us all be as cohesive a team as possible.  Fee did a wonderful job as always and it was great to have Marian with us who not only shared great words of wisdom but some funny stories from previous Bootcamps; I even think she learnt some cool new stuff Fee too.”  Samantha Sweet, Sweet Squared Co-Founder.

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