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Easy to use Flow Rate Totaliser is flexible and robust

12 February 2009

A flow rate totaliser specifically designed for calculating and displaying flow rates and totals from flowmeters with pulse, sine wave or frequency outputs, is the latest addition to the Trimec Europe range of flow measurement products.

The RT20 Rate Totaliser is available as battery operated or externally powered and features a large 6 digit LCD total, 8 digit cumulative and 5 digit rate display for easy reference. All these are displayed in engineering units as programmed by the user.  

The keypad with LCD backlighting, when DC powered, enables easy flow chart touch key data input while a simple PIN protected flow chart programming with English prompts, guides the user through the programming routine, significantly reducing the need to refer to the instruction manual.  

The RT20 is housed in a robust IP66/67 rated aluminium field and panel mountable housing so it is suitable for more rugged applications. However, for even more challenging situations, heavy facia protector shield, relay board with SPDT outputs and flowmeter and pipe mount kit options are available.

Other features and benefits include, scaleable universal pulse or frequency inputs, scaled pulse output, long battery life, non-volatile memory and reverse polarity protection.

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