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Electronic enclosure problems prevented by Mini Breathers

12 February 2009

Newly introduced Mini Immersion Proof Breathers from Brownell, eliminate pressure build-up.

Brownell has introduced Mini Immersion Proof Breathers, which eliminate pressure build-up from heat within electronic enclosures that can otherwise fracture lightweight housing materials, allowing to breath but preventing water and dust ingress in corrosive and hostile conditions.

Made in plastic and metal able to suit aggressive and high or low temperature environments, these breathers solve the electronic equipment design dilemma of either restricting applications or increasing enclosure strength. They can withstand driving rain or even total immersion in water for long periods.

Simply screwed in place or mounted using a locking nut supplied, units can pass high flow rates of air resulting from rapid changes in temperatures and pressure. They can also be fitted to desiccant tubes to remove moisture and other contaminates including hydrocarbon vapours.

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