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Quick Fire with Samantha Sweet on her LFW Modelling Debut

06 October 2016

This season Sweet Squared Co-Founder, Samantha Sweet alongside her eldest son, Haydn, made their London Fashion Week debut on the catwalk in the CND sponsored VIN+OMI SS17 show.

Want to know more? Check out her Q&A below!

How did it all come about?

“This was CND’s sixth show with VIN+OMI and we’ve developed a really great working relationship and friendship with the two designers over the years. So when they asked me to walk, I was pretty sceptical at first, then I thought about my bucket list and couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity. When they met my son, Haydn, they took one look at him and said he just had to be involved.”

Were you nervous?   

“Yes terrified. I mean seriously. I was just so worried about falling. They wanted us to walk super slowly like a funeral march and it’s impossible with high heels. We were falling over in bare feet never mind heels. So yes, the pressure was immense. Especially when you're not a pro!!”
What were you afraid of most?

“Letting the boys down by falling [laughs].”
Did you get to keep the clothes?

“No, the boys use them all for press afterwards and need to keep the collection together!”
What was your favourite part?

“When it was over and I had managed not to fall over.”
Tell us about a day in the life of a model?  

“A lot of hanging around, tugging, pulling, being ordered around... It's really not glamorous but it's exciting and if you don't take it too seriously, fun. The real models were actually lovely at the show and I have to say the nails, hair, makeup teams do take care of you too running around for water, coffee... Whatever you need. It was fun though. A lot of camaraderie.”
Were you the first Mother, Son duo to walk in the same show at VIN+OMI?

“There were two of us actually. Jo Wiley our fab UK radio DJ walked the show too with her son Jude so I was the mama of the dark long haired model and she was the mama of the blonde long haired model. Btw she was the loveliest person. Really. “
Funniest moment backstage/backstage antics?

“Grace Woodward was behind me in the line up and we were both in hysterics over our lipstick. We looked like we had both been beaten up... She was a lot of fun too. Also finally getting my wig on and walking up to the nail team who didn't realise it was me. When they did they were in hysterics. Way to big up my confidence girls!!! Seriously. I looked insane with that massive blonde wig. But who cares. I got to do something I dreamt about as a teen. At 47 I can finally say I walked the runway at London Fashion Week... And I'm good with that. Thank you to V&O who really do think outside the box for the shows... In this case maybe too much [laughs].”
Will you be walking again this season?  

“No. Puuurlease. I'm not giving up the day job anytime soon.  Haydn should though, he absolutely belonged there 100%, I was very proud. Catwalks are for the pros... But it was cool for those 10 minutes!!!  Bucket List... Check!!!”

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