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"Can we fit it", yes, Container Kitchen Systems can

25 February 2009

Container Kitchen Systems, the specialist in temporary catering modules, has a new live online assistance facility available on every page of its website. This makes it easy to click for instant help and open up a live chat window, wherever you are browsin

People need temporary kitchens for a variety of reasons such as refurbishment, emergency cover, extra facilities or for catering services on location and want advice on how to choose. Through the 'need help' button CKS has found that what worries most people when they are considering temporary facilities is whether the units will get on site, whether they will fit once there, and how they connect up to the utilities.
“Of course space and access are critical,” says William Kingston of CKS. “But there's no need to fret about apparently insurmountable walls or tight corners: as temporary kitchen specialists we are used to these problems and have a range of solutions for just about any eventuality.
“Here at CKS we have manoeuvred temporary kitchen modules into really tight and unusual places; we’ve even supplied them to the middle of the Cambodian jungle (for a film shoot)!  Closer to home we can also usually get them up and running within 24 hours of ordering.”
For example for the 2008 Chinese New Year celebrations in London's Trafalgar Square, CKS delivered a street-side kitchen module at 8am on a Sunday morning, and it was ready to start cooking less than two hours later. This CKS medium kitchen measured 6.2m x 2.85m, with space for four chefs to work alongside each other. Fitted with the latest equipment including a specially requested turbo wok burner and conforming to all current hygiene and fire regulations, a decorated canopy serving area was erected at one end of the module.
Another tight installation was underneath the arches on Brighton's seafront, where a temporary kitchen was needed to cater for the VIPs at the 2007 RAC London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. The arches had not been designed with a temporary kitchen in mind, but after some manoeuvring the kitchen was safely in situ. (The installation can be viewed on YouTube – just type Container Kitchen Systems into the search box.)
A temporary kitchen can either be connected up to the mains services - power, gas, water, waste - or it can be a stand-alone unit, with its own generators and so on. On a site visit, CKS will advise on the best way to connect up to the utilities and on the day of installation, their qualified engineers will undertake all the necessary work. For larger installations CKS can supply cold stores, dish wash rooms, washrooms, dining areas and prep rooms, which can be linked together to form a large complex when required.

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