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The 2016 AUTOPA Review of the Year

19 December 2016

Look back on 2016 with a little help from AUTOPA

2016 has been a busy one at AUTOPA, with a host of new and updated products throughout the year.

Just in case you missed any of our updates over the year, we’ve compiled some of our highlights for you here.

The Transport Cycle Stand Range 2016 started with gusto, with the launch of five new cycle stands! The Transport Cycle Stand Range is designed for city life, with stands which meet the needs of different city councils across the country. Manufactured in the UK at our works in Rugby, these stands are perfect for use in busy spaces and are fully DDA compliant.

Door Stops In March we announced the launch of a brand new AUTOPA product range; Door Stops! Designed to protect buildings from being damaged by swinging doors, they come in two different styles and can be supplied with infill panels if required.

AUTOPA’s Awesome Automatics This summer we updated and expanded our range of automatic products, including Arm Barriers, Bollards and Road Blockers. The products in the new expanded range all have a wide variety of programming options, so we can always create the ideal security solution for you!

The Banbury Cycle Shelter Bigger is better! October brought us the new Banbury Cycle Shelter. With its gravity defying design and swooping curves, this modern style of storage is our tallest shelter to date. Manufactured from galvanised mild steel, the Banbury is perfect for building long lasting cycle parking for any site. Fully modular, it can be extended as required and is compatible with any VELOPA cycle stand or rack, including last year’s Vertical Cycle Rack.

The Double Stack Cycle Rack We ended 2016 in a similar way to how we started it; with the launch of brand new cycle storage. This autumn we launched our Double Stack Cycle Rack, a rack designed to provide an innovative, high density storage solution and the ideal solution for busy transport hubs across the country. The Double Stack Cycle Rack is the perfect partner for the new Double Width Cycle Shelters which will be launched in 2017.

Watch this space!

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