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The Ivy saves big with Rational CareControl technology

04 March 2009

CareControl technology from Rational saves famous London restaurant up to £700 a year in limescale bills whilst freeing up space in the kitchen.

The Ivy in London - one of the world’s most famous restaurants - was the first to trial the latest CareControl technology for the Rational SelfCooking Center. Head chef Alan Bird is already an enthusiast for the SelfCooking Center, relying on it to cook a large proportion of his menu. But he was impressed with the results of installing a system with CareControl. 

CareControl virtually eliminates limescale problems, makes cleaning easier, frees up space in the kitchen and saves a lot of money into the bargain.

"Hard water is a real issue in London and we have problems with limescale in every area of our operation," says Alan Bird. "We use water filter systems, but each one takes up valuable space in the kitchen and we have to change the filters regularly."

"Care Control is unbelievable," he says. "It doesn’t need a water filter, and even though it uses more hot water than any of our other cooking appliances there are no visible limescale deposits." 

Alan Bird calculates he is now saving at least £700 a year on water filter and descaling service costs alone, perhaps even more. 

But there are more savings on top, he says. CareControl’s 'intelligent' cleaning and care system even detects the level of soiling and suggests the optimum automatic cleaning level, 'just in time'. This saves on unnecessary downtime, especially on stopping to clean before it’s actually due. 

"CareControl has also significantly reduced our running costs for chemicals, water and energy," Alan Bird adds.

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