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New MikroSHOT Thermal Imaging Camera from IMPAC Infrared

05 March 2009

IMPAC Infrared is pleased to announce the launch of the MikroSHOT Thermal imaging Camera.

The MikroSHOT is a low cost, pocket sized, thermal imaging camera that is packed with features usually only found on cameras that are more expensive.

This small, compact, lightweight and easy to use camera provides the user with the quality data needed to make important decisions. With a size of a digital camera and weighing only 300g, the MikroSHOT easily fits in the pocket making it ideal for quick and easy image captures.

Its high measurement accuracy and ease of use will ensure that quality thermal images can be obtained in seconds.
The integral visible camera enables easy recognition of the scene and you can even measure temperature on the visible image, an industry first!

Images are saved in JPEG format so they can be imported into all standard software packages. Using the MikroSpec software, the JPEG images can be fully analysed and a custom inspection report generated with ease.

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