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LTE Scientific launch new Touchclave-R Autoclaves

09 March 2009

Touchclave-R is a pioneering range of cylindrical-chambered autoclaves, designed with a large array of features to provide the increased productivity, performance, versatility and reliability that is demanded by today’s busy laboratory.

Many of the features provided have never been included on this type of autoclave.

• Processing media is one of the most common and time-consuming functions of an autoclave. To improve cycle times and efficiency, LTE has introduced air ballast as standard on all Touchclave-R models. Air ballast allows sealed and unsealed fluids to be cooled quickly. As well as shortening cycle times, air ballast reduces the risk of container rupture or breakage during the cooling process.

• Dynamic in-chamber cooling is another new feature and market first, providing direct cooling to the load. This cooling method is more efficient than the traditional method of using external fans. It also has the benefit of dissipating some of the moisture from the load.

• ‘Push-n-Seal’ is a new door mechanism, which requires no effort from the operator. No bolts, no levers. Simply close the door and start the cycle. The door locks and seals automatically thanks to the pneumatic locking system. At the end of the cycle, the door seal retracts and the door is released automatically.

• Touchclave-R autoclaves are controlled via LTE’s proven Touchscreen operating platform which offers a high degree of flexibility and is extremely user-friendly thanks to its easy to follow on-screen prompts.

Initially there will be seven models in the range with capacities from 40 to 160 litres. Currently the range boasts four horizontal loading and three vertical loading models. In addition, various options and accessories are available to further enhance performance and versatility. These include,

• A vacuum system which, when added will improve the initial air removal and assist the cooling process.

• The optional data archiving system will store up to 5000 cycles on a single removable flash card. This can be important where long term storage of thermometric records is required.

• All Touchclave-R autoclaves can be fitted with an effluent retention and filtration system, making the unit suitable for processing cat.3 loads.

• Where cycle times are of optimum importance, the heating power can be boosted to speed up the cycle to the point of sterilization.

With a comprehensive alarm logging system and various printing options, in addition to the above features, LTE Scientific is confident in claiming that the Touchclave-R is one of the most complete compact autoclave ranges currently available.

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