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Vulcascot Hesaglas - the thinnest cast acrylic sheet

12 March 2009

When a speciality cast acrylic sheet becomes a standard, it is a mark of the very exacting nature of the manufacturing capability. Hesaglas is special, boasting a total of 200 different colours and tints all produced as thin as 0.3mm.

Not only are the sheets manufactured in tiny thicknesses but they are also produced to exacting tolerances typically 0.2/0.1mm which is useful for designers and original equipment manufacturers who themselves have to operate within strict thickness variations.

The special manufacturing technique enables this very thin cast acrylic sheet to have virtually no internal tension and also features a high molecular weight which makes the material particularly suited for routing and thermoforming. A cross linked variety called HT is available which is better suited for chemical and mechanical applications.

This very thin material is used in applications throughout industry but typically instrument windows, LED/LCD covers, front lenses, optical filters, architectural models and other precision applications where visual appearance is of fundamental importance.

The material is produced in a handy 800 x 800mm sheet size and with 4 different surface finishes ranging from shiny to strong matt.

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