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Can your INDeX telephone system be maintained?

12 March 2009

There is considerable fear in the market place among companies that use the Avaya INDeX telephone platform because Avaya will cease support at the end of May this year.

Indeed, this fear is not being dispelled by the many maintainers who have looked after these installations for many years as they are very keen to market their new VoiP systems.  The problem is that the recession is not necessarily a good time for many companies to invest in new technology when the future may be uncertain – but what can they do?

RBM Voice & Data Consultancy maintain that the INDeX system was so advanced when it was launched 17 or so years ago and that it is still a superb system with the added benefit of proven reliability. They are so convinced of the viability of supporting this system that they are offering annual maintenance contracts to any existing INDeX user in mainland UK. As an established INDeX handset repairer and 2nd user reseller of INDeX equipment, they are well placed to offer this service.

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