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Look inside a Balex 50

20 April 2017

A close inspection inside and out of the Europress Balex 50 mill size baler shows that as with all other machines in the Balex range, it has been superbly engineered and built to last. There's a machine in the Balex baler range to meet almost any waste handling demand.

Exclusive in the UK to Kenburn, these cross cylinder Balex balers are low in height and so are easy to position. They are robust, heavy duty machines and an excellent choice for a wide range of uses.
Investing heavily in automation, Europress has produced  a range of top quality machines that are built for a long life of typically 6 - 15 years depending on usage and materials baled.  The mechanical structure of the Balex range fulfills the criteria set by the FEMI strength calculation analysis, in which every single detail has been designed to serve a durable and working entirety. Lasers are used to cut the steel giving a high degree of precision and machines are welded using robots, ensuring consistency in build quality.  Each baler is built using a Jig to maintain a high degree of accuracy and to stop corrosion, the finished article is shot blasted before being painted.
Balex balers have large feed openings and produce very dense bales. Operating at a low noise level of just 59dBa, they are also easy to locate, making them ideal for most industrial environments, especially in busy working areas. Turnbuckle threaded spindles ensure a safe and steady opening of the main door.

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