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Nomawood – A completely new type of outdoor experience.

16 March 2009

Nomawood is NMCs' new innovative product for the outdoor area. Nomawood is classically attractive and impressive due to its innovative surface and high quality design providing joy, fun, delight and well-being throughout the whole year.

In addition, the product can be used in a multitude of ways – from terrace design, to a link between inside and outside areas where there is water, or other likely places within hotels, restaurants and spa facilities.

The synthetic wood made from resistant rigid foam meets all the expectations that todays' customers have of a modern material.  Nomawood is easy to assemble and lay and is extremely easy to clean. 

A further advantage is that the product is particularly thick and the surface structure is hard.  Therefore grass, moss, fungus and bacteria cannot get a hold and the material is also weather resistant. In addition the material is completely splinter proof and slip proof.

The new product also combines those positive characteristics that until now have been associated with wood.  The environmentally friendly Nomawood conveys the same warmth as the natural material and achieves this without tropical trees being sacrificed. 
NMC offers Nomawood in two quality categories.  In addition to the 150mm wide Classico model with Easyclip fastener system for quick and precise laying of the panels, the 146mm wide Ambience model comes in 6 different structures and colours.  With this model the unique patented Easyfix system enables extremely easy assembly without visible screws or annoying mounting elements.

The combination of colours and designs opens up for the customer numerous possibilities for individual terrace design.  This ranges from a classic look in delicate olive green Providence shades to romantic or fine wood structures in a powerful terracotta colour, Soft Sahara or Colorado brown to technical and geometrical looks in Alaska gray or discreet grey-green.  Variety, which is simply fun and promises a living experience of extra fine quality. 

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