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17 March 2009

Bellingham + Stanley, UK manufacturers of scientific instruments for over 90 years, have recently launched their new RFM900 refractometers.

Superseding the RFM800 series, the RFM 900 series has a wide refractive index range from 1.30 to 1.70, a choice of two accuracy dependant models and an internal temperature control system capable of stabilising the instrument to within 0.05°C of the target temperature, thus may be considered the ultimate in refractometric measurement.

A new low profile sample dish and non-contact prism cover makes sample application and cleaning much easier than with its predecessor.  Readings are instigated automatically on the replacement of the cover and up to 700 stored results can be easily seen in tabular form on the instrument display. 

New software features include RFID (radio frequency identification) that allows users to identify themselves by simply swiping a tag across the top of the instrument to enable measurement and in certain cases, access to the configuration menu.  A methods system is particularly useful as it allows configuration of the instrument with minimal user interaction and provides a source for product limit checking as well as offering industry standard methods such as a Mean Calculator for the pharmaceutical industry.  Intelligent temperature management ensures readings are only taken when both the sample and instrument temperatures are stable.  A choice of four on-screen languages are standard to the instrument.

The new RFM900 instruments conform to USP/EP/BP and offers operational features that allow use in an environment controlled by FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

The RFM900 series also covers the measurement criteria of a number of ASTM test methods for the petroleum industry.  These include ASTM D 1218 (2), D5006, D 1747, D 4095.  Of particular interest is the inclusion of special software to calculate the carbon type composition of electrical insulating oils stipulated by ASTM D 2140, where refractive index, viscosity and specific gravity is measured as part of a multi-point experiment and the readings input to the refractometer.  Rapid calculation of % Aromatic Carbons, % Naphthenic Carbons, % Paraffinic Chain Carbons is then made without the need to interpret difficult nomograms included in the method or to perform complex fractional separation and purification procedures.  

A range of accessory items such as bar code readers, flow cells, auto-samplers and Certified Reference Materials is also available.

The new RFM900 series is therefore ideally suited for use in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aroma, flavour, fragrance and other high RI applications and will be on show at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, 11-15 May 2009.

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