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OXYBABY® 6.0 - a new generation of Gas Analysers from Witt

18 March 2009

Witt, the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier has launched OXYBABY® 6.0, a cordless hand held O2 or 02/CO2 gas analyser.

The latest range of the OXYBABY® gas analysers are for use with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in the food processing and packaging industries for packaging line, warehouse and laboratory food packaging analysis.

The new OXYBABY® 6.0 has a number of additional features including a high-resolution display, an optional integrated barcode reader, optional Bluetooth connection and a USB port for data transfer and charging of the battery.

Other features include easier menu navigation, extended data storage for up to 500 different measurements, as well being able to assign up to 25 users, 100 products and 50 packaging lines to the stored measurements.

It also has the ability to take a measurement using a variable controlled pump action, if the measuring needle or filter is blocked in any way. If this fails, an alarm function informs the operator, in order to stop any faulty measurements being taken.

OXYBABY® 6.0 is able to reliably measure either the O2 or O2/CO2 content, due to the small sample of gas (less than 4ml) that is required to obtain a reading, ideal for use in the smallest food packages, such as salami and cheese slices as well as other food packaging including poultry and fresh salads.

WITT-Logger software for data evaluation and data cables are also available as options.

It is supplied with 2 spare needles and filters as well as 100 rubber seals and a mains adaptor. It is also available as a pressurised gas sample version.

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