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Challengers' easy enhancement for home security

20 March 2009

Challenger Security products have a quick and easy solution to help the electrical contractor with awkward installations that may need external protection.

The WHIPS (Wireless Home Intelligent Protection System) is designed to provide automated control via the PIR and remote control with new or existing lighting.

The system enables positioning of wire free movement sensors up to 50 metres away from a high current receiver. It can be situated close to existing lighting circuits reducing time and materials needed to provide complete cover whatever the premises layout.

It can also be easily expanded to give greater security for a property by adding internal alarm/chime units that can be plugged in anywhere to provide audible alerts, 24 hours a day.

The weatherproof PIR has a 270 degree, 12 metre detection area and can be powered by battery or local power sources. Mounted in an external enclosure with 2000W switching capability, the receiver can also be controlled by a miniature key fob which can turn the lights on giving even greater flexibility. The unit can be wall or ceiling mounted allowing complete flexibility in positioning the PIR.

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