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03 July 2017

NEX Group Plc is a UK based business focused on electronic markets and post trade business and is listed on the FTSE 250 index on the London stock exchange.

NEX is located just outside Liverpool Street in Broadgate Circle along with many other blue chip companies.

Not every project runs quite as expected which can be for a multitude of reasons and not always anyone’s fault. The measure of a good company is what happens when they are faced with these challenges, how do they respond? How do they react? What do they do next? This can be a particular test when your company is on a Christmas shutdown as the challenge to mobilise your team, communicate and deliver a result is all the more testing. In this case, John Anthony Signs delivered exceptional response as set out in the testimonial below.

“The response over the Xmas holiday from all in JAS (from top to bottom) in dealing with an unexpected issue was exemplary”.

“Many thanks for delivering such a first class job: Your input on production specs; openness in letting me carry out inspections on the factory floor; manufacturing to lasting and perfectly finished standards; going the extra mile on Christmas Eve to fabricate urgently needed components; and for an installation team that really cared about the end result and didn’t mind the long hours.”

Another great result by the JAS team.

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