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Addagrip launches Biocote® protected floors

26 March 2009

Have you ever thought how much bacteria you are spreading around the floor with every step you take? Now there is a solution to reduce the amount of bacteria that we tread across floors in hospitals, kitchens and other supposedly hygienic environments.

Addagrip is the first company to supply flooring systems incorporating BioCote® silver ion antimicrobial technology, giving its epoxy flooring coatings, decorative finishes and self smoothing screeds protection against the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.

Addagrip's flooring systems are, therefore, ideal for any building where hygiene is a priority or there is a high frequency of people traffic. For healthcare establishments, BioCote® protected flooring offers an effective part of the solution in the fight against the ‘Superbug’ MRSA and other healthcare-associated infections. Whilst in food and catering environments, the antimicrobial finish offers protection against bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Roger Critchley, Addagrip’s managing director commented “As the BioCote® technology is incorporated into the Addagrip epoxy flooring range at the time of manufacture it provides continuous built-in protection. BioCote® will not leach from the surface, nor can it be wiped off or washed away, lasting for the lifetime of the floor.”

The two companies, Addagrip and BioCote® Ltd were brought together by flooring specialists, BioGuard (Europe) Ltd in order to manufacture Addagrip's range of flooring materials with Biocote® antimicrobial technology. 

Graham Harvey of BioCote Ltd added "We are delighted that Addagrip is using our technology, not only to provide an innovative new product that will help as part of the solution to control cross-contamination but also to complete the range of products available to design and create BioCote® protected interiors for hygiene conscious environments.”

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