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Greenhouse Company aims to address UK Balance of Payments deficit

26 March 2009

“The Balance of Payments is a record of a country’s transactions with the rest of the world. It shows the receipts from trade. It consists of the current and financial account”

The UK has for the past 17 years had a persistent current account deficit but a weaker pound now offers a comparative advantage in its exporting sector.

Never a company for sitting on its laurels, is seeking new horizons in the export sector and in traditionally difficult products such as the Alton range of cedar greenhouses.

Alton greenhouses are bulky since they are supplied predominately pre-glazed; almost all buildings within the range are supplied with heavy concrete perimeter base kerbs resulting in export being a challenge. has first set its sights on Northwestern Europe including such countries as Belgium and the Netherlands.

Asked about dealing with the workings of export from their Derbyshire base, Nicolas Paice of The Garden Buildings Centre added “Already satellite navigation systems are changing the way in which we do our business allowing us to plan our schedules in much finer detail and to travel much greater distances”.

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