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Mettler Toledo Webinars bring customer presentations to impressive new levels

02 April 2009

In today’s diverse global marketplace, organisations may experience considerable difficulty when attempting to arrange conferences and seminars at times and at venues that are convenient with the majority of their customers.

Equally, when faced with increasingly tight corporate purse strings, employers can be reluctant to allow their staff the necessary free time to attend such events.

Through a recent programme of webinars, however, Mettler Toledo, the Leicester-based quality weighing and measuring solutions organisation, has demonstrated how it is possible to hold highly topical web conferences, and enjoy considerable delegate numbers.

“So far this year we have held two highly successful webinars,” comments Mettler Toledo Helen Hemmings, Marketing Manager.  “These events were focused upon our customers in the global chemicals industry, with the first webinar concentrating on Reaction Monitoring of Processes under Pressure and the second event covering Reaction Calorimetry.”

“With the ongoing drive towards greater transparency in food production,” continues Helen, “we will also be hosting a seminar focused around Global Food Safety Standards on 27th April. The issues surrounding Weighing in Hazardous Areas will then be covered in a further webinar on 30th April. Both webinars will take place from 10.00am to 11.00am and then 4.00pm to 5.00pm". 

Nowadays, food safety concerns are enough to bring a company to the media's attention. The introduction of standards such as IFS, ISO 22000, BRC and SQF2000 require food companies to make their manufacturing processes transparent and as safe as possible. In this webinar, "Meet Global Food Safety Standards and Increase Productivity", delegates are invited to learn how Mettler Toledo can support them in the area of traceability, hygienically designed equipment, quality data management, foreign body detection and equipment qualification and calibration, while at the same time increasing productivity.

Defining a zone as hazardous can have major implications for a business, especially if this is a new issue for the company. Covering the basics of hazardous legislation and protection, this webinar, "Weighing in Hazardous Areas - The Basics", is split into three short modules and includes the requirements for hazardous protection, industries at risk, global hazardous standards and techniques for explosion protection.

Details of how to attend these and other forthcoming Mettler Toledo webinars can be found on our website.

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