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i-salon making bookings a breeze

03 April 2009

A Scottish salon has gained a business boost by inviting clients to book appointments through the internet.

Clair Cadden, salon director at Cube in Edinburgh’s city centre, has been an i-salon user for seven years, and believes the system’s functions have helped her business stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

With ten styling positions, a barbering section and beauty area, Cube offers a comprehensive choice of treatments from a team of highly trained stylists. In addition, Clair reinforces the salons' reputation for excellent customer service by offering clients the opportunity to book appointments online through i-salons' i-booking function.

“With the changing times it’s imperative that we offer this excellent service to our clients,” she says. “It’s innovative, competitive and convenient.”

Combined with Cube’s slick website, the online bookings function has made a positive impact on the business and its customers. “It’s really taken off – our clients love being able to arrange their appointments over the internet,” adds Clair.

“They find it really easy and it’s proved particularly popular with students and shift workers such as doctors and nurses who log on late in the evening when they’ve finished work. It’s great for us when we arrive in the salon in the morning to find new bookings waiting in the system – we haven’t even had to answer the phone.”

While i-booking is one of Clair’s best-used elements within i-salon, the business has also benefited from its other many and varied functions.

“I find being able to send advertising and appointment reminders via text message extremely useful,” she says. In addition, as a busy hairdressing professional, Clair loves being able to use the system from any location.

“With my laptop I can dial in to i-salon and access vital information whenever I need it – even when I’m away on holiday,” she explains. “The security aspect is also excellent and means I can maintain control over monitoring retail discounts, team performance and client retention.

“Once you’ve got the right procedures in place, i-salon is very easy to use. I would recommend it,” she sums up.

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