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Zebra prints fridge magnets for Zoo Animal Adoption Programme

03 April 2009

Paignton Zoo choose TOR Systems and DED Limited for all their plastic card printing needs.

Contacting TOR Systems with an idea for a new and innovative way to use their Zebra P series plastic card printer, Paignton Zoo are now offering fridge magnets made from magnetic backed plastic cards as part of their animal adoption programme.  

Paignton Zoo, Devon have been using a Zebra P series plastic card printer for some time now to print plastic cards for annual memberships. Cards are printed to include a photo, members name and a unique barcode which is scanned upon entry to the Zoo, allowing unlimited entry for the 12 month membership period.

TOR Systems contacted DED Limited when the request came in from Paignton Zoo to see if the Zebra card printer could be used to print magnetic backed cards – this was a new idea, something that had never been done before by DED. Working together to evaluate the issues and overcome problems, the end result was a product which works extremely well for the zoo. Feedback from Paignton Zoo has been positive, with plans to extend the membership system out to other zoos and animal parks over the coming months. 

The new magnetic backed cards are being printed to feature the adopted animals name and details on who has adopted them. For example ‘Noah Hunt has adopted Chico the Meerkat’. These cards are designed to not only serve as a permanent decorative reminder of the zoo visit, but also to encourage repeat visits to see the adopted animals. 

John Parker, Sales Manager at TOR Systems commented “We use DED to supply Zebra card printers as they interface well into our systems, offering both quality and functionality, whilst proving themselves time after time in a variety of installations and environments.”

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