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Golf Hole Promotions launch "talking" Golf Hole

07 April 2009

Thought to be the first of it's kind in the world, the "Talking" Golf Hole, is set to invigorate charity, corporate and fundraising golf events this summer.

SAVBAM is a branded device, which sits in the bottom of the hole. However, the clever part is that when the golf ball drops into the cup, a sound bite of up to ten seconds duration is activated with the sponsors’ bespoke pre-recorded message.

The SAVBAM increases the opprtunities to achieve additional sponsorship revenue that the golf event organisers may otherwise have missed. Steve Howlett, the inventor behind the product and one of the UKs’ top golf event organisers said, “Go to any golf event and you will be amazed at how many companies sponsor golf holes, usually at great expense and all they get is a little sign.

“Sponsors are being charged an ever increasing amount of money for the traditional, but very tired, hole sponsorship formats – the options being flags and banners. What if their brand was actually in the golf hole delivering a clear message, both audio and visual every time the golfer holes out or retrieves their golf ball from the hole?

“I believe that not only would this mean optimum impact for optimum return to the sponsor, but also unique theatre for the competitors – in a way that would surely bring added humour and fun to the day. A new and unique dimension that would have everyone talking – but more importantly remembering you, your event and your sponsors!”

Steve added, “I think golf organisers will immediately see the very real potential in this because it enables them to offer the sponsors something of real tangible value and it’s different. There are literally tens of thousands of golf fundraising events held each year all over the world. This is the way forward to increase revenue and offer something different.”

The technology behind the product is based on microchips, which have been very successful in a number of different applications. Steve sees SAVBAM being used all over the world eventually.

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