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‘On the Waterfront’ featuring Stannah Microlifts

17 April 2009

A Stannah 100kg Microlift is hard at work in Waterfront Place, a multi-functional centre in the heart of Chelmsford, Essex.

The stylish, contemporary, two-storey complex ,comprises an elegant and extensive brasserie, 1st floor dining area, conference suites, bars, childrens' play area and waterside terrace.

Busy ferrying meals and small goods between the ground-floor, open-plan kitchen and first-floor restaurant, the Microlift dumbwaiter features a through-cabin entry and intercom system for optimum accessibility and efficiency. The lift operates within a structure-supported frame making installation swift and simple, with minimum builder’s work. It can be installed virtually anywhere in a building in 1-2 days, is available ex-stock, and conforms to the European Standard EN81-3 part of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations. The lift will also help the building owner comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act, whilst carrying the CE Mark supported by a Certificate of Conformity to indicate they are safe to use.

Waterfront Place Manager, Sue Baynes, comments: “Offering excellent facilities and fresh food, this is the perfect venue for all occasions including weddings, conferences and private hire. A popular, multi-purpose premises, business is brisk with a high level of service which has only been enhanced by the Stannah Microlift. We wouldn’t be without it!”

Ideal for venues such as Waterfront Place, the Microlift range is available in four 50kg and two 100kg models with a wide choice of car sizes ‘off the shelf’. Non-standard sizes and configurations are also available including Stannah’s latest ‘double-decker’ Microlift designed for use where space is at a premium.

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