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The Darling buds of Earth day

22 April 2009

It really doesn’t matter what the Chancellor says in his important budget speech, the plain fact is that politicians in the main are letting the voters down badly.

If the Darling buds are to bloom and we are to see the green shoots of recovery, Mr Darling will have to do more than just improve the efficiency of the economy. 

Something that would be rather fitting, as today is Earth Day, would be to address the limescale in hard water areas that costs so much to heat in our electrical appliances such as boilers, washing machines and dishwashers causing excess CO².

Tax could be reduced or even abolished on energy saving products such as the Little Plumber Electronic Water De-scalers, which cost just £3 a year to run and yet, according to reports, could save enough energy each year in the UK to shut down 4 power stations if every household in hard water areas were to have one installed, not to mention the instant savings to the consumer through reduced energy costs. Splendid Products eh Darling?

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