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Time for a new telephone system – why not buy a proven 2nd user system?

23 April 2009

When the time comes to buy a new system, this major investment opens many opportunities for any business – however it comes at a price.

Depending upon the size of the company, £10,000 to £50,000 is not unusual and would be the spend  any medium sized company must expec to pay. With many sophisticated systems available and new buzz words being invented at every turn, it is very hard to decide which way to turn or indeed, with the recession hitting everyone at the moment, what investment can sensibly be allocated for this project. But why not consider a half-way-house option?

The Avaya INDeX system was way ahead of any system in the world when it was launched 17 years ago, and although Avaya are to withdraw support for the product at the end of May, it still has a mass of features and facilities that many new systems today can only dream of.  Of as much importance to your decision is the fact that the market has a tremendous supply of spares available that are a fraction of the original price.

There are a few specialist companies like RBM Voice & Data Consultancy that can supply, install and maintain INDeX systems with fully trained INDeX engineers to carry out the installation anywhere in mainland UK.  When you consider that the cost of the installed system will be about 25% of the original cost and the maintenance contract will probably be less that half the original cost, this option has to be seriously considered.  A simple cost comparison can be made on the handsets alone. For example a full display phone that is “As good as new” will cost 10-20 times less than the latest IP handsets and so the saving on handsets alone could be massive.

The last thing to consider, (and this can possibly be the most important decision of all), is that the INDeX is not only incredibly reliable, but all of the “bugs” have been ironed out over the past 17 years and there are no surprises left.

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