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Intellident Selects Star Micronics TUP900

27 April 2009

Intellident Selects the Star Micronics TUP900 from DED for New Library Kiosk Solution

Intellident have selected the Star Micronics TUP900 kiosk printer from DED for use in their self service library kiosk solution smartServe™, a premium self service solution using the power of RFID. The smartServe™ kiosk allows library customers to issue, renew and return items, then check their account status and pay any fees using a full range of payment facilities integrated into the kiosk.
Being used successfully in public, academic and private libraries in the UK, France and the Netherlands, the TUP900 forms a key part of the smartServe™ kiosk, being used to print a full receipt for the customer if required following a transaction. As a way to make customers feel more confident in using the kiosk, intuitive features have been added such as the receipt output slot which features a flashing light to direct the user to take their receipt when it is ready.
Selecting the TUP900 for use in the smartServe™ kiosk came down to a few key issues, although cost was a consideration, the main issues for Intellident were ease of use, form factor and reliability. As the kiosk is designed to operate 24/7, reliability was a huge factor in the decision making process, the TUP900 met the criteria easily.
On selecting the TUP900, Andy Chadbourne, Marketing and Communications Manager at Intellident commented “the wide format of the printer allows us a great deal of space to print information, allowing us to use a large font that is easy for customers of all ages to read.” One of the most popular features on the TUP900 has proved to be the unique wide format (112mm), offering high speed kiosk printing solution which has been specifically designed for OEM use. The TUP900 provides the ultimate in cost effective versatility without compromising on reliability - ideal for unattended public operation for ticketing, gaming, lottery, web kiosks etc.

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