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Summer Sale – Get 20% Off The Halifax Range

13 June 2018

The Halifax smooth-finish shutter is the most recent addition to our comprehensive range of internal window shutters.

With its smooth finish, the Halifax window (and door) shutter is Manufactured in a harder and slightly heavier wood than the Memphis softwood window Shutter. This is a Basswood window shutter with MDF frames to keep the cost down for customers insisting on wood paneled internal window shutters.

By using our stylish MDF Vintage Zenith L-Frame, we are able to keep the cost down. The Zenith L-Frame is almost identical to its wooden counterpart; in fact, some prefer the decorative INSERT that the MDF frame has compared to the wooden frame.

The Basswood timber used for the Halifax window shutters allows us to make multi-panel configurations i.e. left/left/left as opposed to a left/left – right configuration. This is due to the weight of the Basswood timber whereas the MDF internal window shutters are manufactured in a heavier material.

Halifax internal plantation window shutters are available in a range of solid whites including, Silk white, Bright white, Bisque, creamy or Pearl. The smooth finish of the Halifax shutter is popular with designers due to the ease of maintenance compared to a soft-wood shutter that can become ‘grubby’ if not maintained regularly.

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