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Grimaldi House combats limescale with Splendid Little Plumber

08 May 2009

3 months on from installation, immersion heaters at the Grimaldi Agencies headquarters in St. James' Square, are still running limescale free.

Grimaldi House have had installed, a 150-litre tank, non-ventilated hot water cylinder running at 4.5 bars of pressure to heat all the water in the entire premises. The water is heated by two electric immersion heaters which are running 24 hours a day. All might have been well if St. James' Square was in a soft water area, however the water supply is unfortunately very hard.

The hard water caused such limescale precipitation on the immersion heaters that they had to be changed every week as they quickly became encrusted. This layer of limescale not only increased the overall usage of electricity, as the scale was preventing the heat transferring into the water, but in addition, caused the elements to fail regularly.

Banyards Ltd, of Brune Street in London, who are responsible for the maintenance of the hot water systems in Grimaldi House, asked Splendid Products Ltd, to advise on a simple method of solving the problem, which was in fact becoming something of a costly nightmare.

Splendid Products supplied an LP4 electronic water conditioner, which was fitted by Banyards and now over three months having elapsed there have been no problems at all, which is a huge saving in terms of downtime and energy. The LP4 costs around £3.00 a year to run and requires no maintenance once fitted.

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